So the Sun is in Capricorn and the Moon is in Scorpio and yep wait for it Mars has entered Sagittarius. So who feels like a fish out of water? A higher sense of emotional displacement that has you questioning the validity and intrinsic truth of just about everything. The moon is opposite Uranus and Mercury is directly above Aquarius creating what's known in Astrology as a perfect T the only thing that you know deep in your heart, is that if I continue to stay the course (Scorpio focus) and do the work diligently and without questioning my motives I'll be alright....but will you? Mars in Sagittarius brings in the consolidated delusion that nothing means a pinch of shit right now. That's why it's obvious and delusional and that's a perfect and valid rational reason not to trust it.

Now this also means that there is no Fire in the Sky at the moment except for the release point of all this compressive energy in Leo. So try to just focus on sustaining your balance in the world...easier said then done! So join Riki Buckingham (UK), Cory Caplan (US), Greg Delapaix (US) and yours truly (Australia) as we dissect all this displaced energy and so much more. We offer actual tools and processes that will empower the individual and help you deal with the challenging energy's bombarding the singularity of our Quantum field right now. We discuss in detail the greatest organic neural network known as the Mycellium that has an expansive consciousness all of it's own and why we need to remain true to who we are, lose the mask, quit the egoic masquerade and express the highest octave of authenticity in absolutely everything we do.

There is a fascinating audio excerpt from the recently release movie, "The Cosmic Secret" presented by David Wilcox and Coorey Goode and features some unmissable highlights in understanding the 2020 year ahead, the energetic transits of the next 20 years and the all important HOPE factor that will see our planet safe from destruction from a 25,000 year solar flash cycle that will obliterate the current AI signal and it's relentless suppression and allow humanity to rise to the higher state of conscious and emotionally charged density that will see our species divided and split into two very deliberate factions. Keep an open mind and allow your wave function to collapse into the most lucid state of conscious expansion where the future has nothing but a rightful bubble of bliss available to each and every soul if you choose to accept with love in your heart the difficult challenges that still lay ahead.


So the Sun is in Capricorn and the Moon is in Leo. We are now on the other side of the full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer on the 10th. Uranus stationed direct on the 11th Sextiling to Venus and today on the 12th we have just experienced the Saturn / Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. So tomorrow when you wake up to go through your usual routine and look in the mirr5or you will be welcoming with open arms the new YOU...That's right the embodiment of YOU 3.0 with one powerful and obvious exception, you won't be expressing your truth in fear but rather in liberation and with free will. Lets blindfold everyone we hold close in our tribe and board our new experiential defined ship of possibility to navigate uncharted waters  in an arc of trust with the Universe. This is not your ego seeking self confidence  anymore in your life that you so much better than you think you are. This is your soul telling you that you are already consciously available to the process of expressing self confidence in your life.

So knowing this and understanding that expressing your authenticity without limitations and boundary's seemed a perfect opportunity to present a conversation that details the last part of my personal journey over the last two years to find my identity and expression of truth. Who better to share this conversation with than my long time running mate and compadre, Terry McArthur from the fire ravaged Blue Mountains of the Southern highlands of NSW. Terry is a highly evolved and spiritually aligned truth seeker that operates at the highest octave of musical revolution. This is a candid conversation in a language of wanting and yearning to find the peace and tranquility of one's own space to ground their purest expression of self because that is the transparent exchange and currency that will see us through the turbulent times that lay ahead.

For those out there in the community that don't have the god given right to a home or a roof over their heads or feel displaced from a natural disaster like thousands right here in my own backyard, I offer prayers of compassionate strength and purified understanding that the challenges you face can be overcome and that you can win an energetic victory in the light of adversity by remaining true to who you are and the intrinsic goodness you recognise in everything around you that you ground, express and share with the world. 


Welcome one and all to the first 7th Sense Podcast in 2020. The team have rested, refreshed and replenished their collective energy to return with a highly charged reflective outlook into the powerful mutable energy of the year ahead. We start with a real bang and pull no punches when it comes to understanding the deeper shifts of humanity's physiology into a higher realm of divine connection without the need to nurture and nourish our spiritual channels and energy centers anymore. In short for many who crossed over the final expansive portal on the summer solstice and the solar eclipse on Christmas day to discover that their existing Chakra system, Kundalini energy port and their grounding Meridians were in the process of dissolving into nothingness. Their purpose had been served and now they chose to return themselves to source with our compassionate strength as their prime motivators.

For many committed light workers this physiological processed change signaled the end of a Transhuman chapter in conscious evolution to prove once and for all that "everything on planet earth is medicine" particularly if you choose to perceive it that way. So how does all this correlate directly to the Meta language presented in the new series of, "The Dark Crystal - Age of Resistance"? For those who wish to experience the energetic crystal mirror for themselves this high electrically charged Livestream from Last nights discussion can be found at the bottom of the page in the link to a new Mixcloud profile where the intrinsic goodness of seamless truth is even more apparent than here.

So with an unparalleled level of discomfiture at it's base the first week of 2020 which foretold in previous Podcasts has proven to be a highly charged and challenging particle / wave duality collapse into a somewhat searing and accelerated ride into uncharted waters. Yet at the foundation or Sediment of what's left of the discharge and toxic residue of the past year is a more heightened and sensitive perception of our plainer reality. For many the rebirth has created a new sensory connectivity of Telepathic communication and connection with the divine and this generates a clarity for future progression into new event streams unlike anything we have experienced before.

The blindfolding of one's crew as we board the perfectly aligned light ship of our dreams analogy at the end set's a tone for trust and self love that will see us through the darkest aspects of the tightly wound Pluto and Saturn conjunction which arrives with a bang after the Lunar eclipse in Cancer on the 10th and then the highly rare conjunction itself on the 12th of January. Who controls the game and are you willing and available right now to take your power back? Tune in, listen and choose for yourself!


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As the title states we ask the question only a few days out from the end of the 2019 all encompassing and expansive year of human history to date. My special guest this week is Bryan Henry who is the CEO/Founder of "Together We Ascend" which is a website and conscious community of Lightworkers that offer deeper insights into the evolution of the human genetic plan and our new place in it. Bryan and I discuss what it is that most of the population on earth is feeling at the core of their emotional being and reflective non reactionary state within the higher collective. You can check out Bryan and his mandate at the following link. TogetherWeAscend 

While we discuss many pertinent areas of the human conscious expansion experiment both of us firmly believe in the following principle of Activation for the greater good of all. "We humbly ask to collapse our wave function into the most lucid state of conscious expansion each day" At the heart of this philosophy is the scientific fact that energy follows attention and when attention is reflected in a specific and directed intention then the Universe seamlessly wells up under our being and supports us at the highest octave of compassionate strength and the real 3.0 version of LOVE. Both believe that the emotion that is LOVE in the current duality fueled 3D construct has been diluted, distorted and dissolved to a plain term so willingly bandied about by the Zeitgeist and for those who need it....the Collective. Distorted perspective solidified in the emotional frequency of life is holding humanity back from experiencing the most authentic version of themselves available. But mankind is far too deluded to realise this and to assess, evaluate, configure and calibrate the emotional impulses that are the very basis of the chaotic discord that most people experience every day.

So.....activation of the lightbody interface by tuning the emotional plane energetically creates a greater connection to our higher divine presence and our deeper conscious connection to god. We also discuss Bryan's mission statement for his company's output and how YOU have the opportunity to receive a free AM Activation in your inbox every day.

So is this to be considered the most fitting end of year transmission available with reference to all that's going on in our lives.....probably not. But with so many people in the wider spiritual community so lost in the delusion even now, it will have to do! Having said this we are totally humble and grateful for everyone's support of the 7th Sense Podcast this year and we wish everyone the most balanced, engaging, purified and loving journey into the expanse of 2020. May the force of the language of unity be with you all. Integrate all within and share your love with the world. Catch you on the flipside in's going to be seriously awesome!


Humbly taken with the warm response received to the Summer Solstice Livestream we did last night that we decided for all those who only got to witness a small part of the broadcast or none at all because of the time stamp screw up that we would feature it's empowering content as the closing Podcast to 2019...hence the tongue in cheek title. Please overlook the 3min Steve Miller intro music till the fun kicks in and Riki, Cory and Mike take you on a transparent journey into truth unlike any other. So as previously stated, welcome to the Sun conjunct Jupiter to close out this rather turbulent, tenuous and challenging year and this transit will keep things in a firm priority focus till January 8th. However in hindsight for most in the world it's about experiencing a major dose of Anxiety and this in context with what's to come is completely can you even say that you venture to ask?

In 2020 we expand into a brighter and more surprising future by simply changing the language of the mind and the descriptors we use in it's new terminology. So to change the term safety into the term Challenge and to embrace that change at the highest octave of our Beingness. This is best reflected in the forthcoming Saturn and Pluto conjunction that will arrive around January 12th and influence the next turn of the spiral for at least the next three months. To put it mildly it's going to force most of us to face our darker shadow self head on and learn the hard way in this cycle of existence to integrate that very aspect into our nature and self expression. The hardest thing most have found in 2019 is how to remain balanced and grounded in spiritual practice and to be resilient and true to it. When we are unaligned our higher self leaves our being to allow the accepted manipulation of the Arkon energy's to continue to feed until we are back in illuminated alignment to our spiritual practice and the devotion we have to our higher purpose. Remember we all agreed to sign our soul Agreements to come into the flesh suit and the embedded consciousness to live this life in the Gaia classroom.

While we discuss, self correction, media manipulation, self perpetuated deception, the Meta Mono Myth, The Geo Political breakdown, the rapid fire dismantle of the Matrix, The Millenial Responsibility, the AI integration into cellular memory and the depth and detail of the Planetary Transits we focus on the most simple scientific explanation of dealing with life on earth as we know it today by understanding the intricacies of the Particle Duality Wave function.

Quantum physics has broken down our world into the tiniest of all interconnected components. Particles act as waves when not observed by a consciousness contained in a focal point of form. What is done to one particle apparently alone and separate in one container has an identical effect on another particle in a distant container. The mirror of ones existence is experienced completely differently in another because of the way it is observed in a conscious state. So.... know self, understand your emotional state and be aligned and aware to the division your choice point creates in your sub conscious to unfold and expand your plainer reality and 2020 will be the most awe inspiring and divinely aligned to truth and purpose that YOU could ever hope to experience. We are ready...are you?


Here we are on the other side of the Full Moon in Gemini and I must apologise to all our conscious followers for not being able to do our weekly Livestream last night as planned. To put it simply I was moving house and I had to be up bright and early to facilitate the removalist. Riki would have carried it with great ease and grace but there were internet bandwidth issues in Spain so it wasn't meant to be. The message received from the full moon and the fact that Uranus is the only planet in Retrograde right now was to seriously slow the fuck down...there is no clarity in stress and as energy follows will attract and generate more stress and more uncertainty if you continue to operate at the same frantic pace in the hope that you find all the answers before 2019's sands of illusory time run out. Ding...wrong...delusion and there is a lot more of it underway.

So Riki and I decided to have a candid chat about the filter of discernment required when ascertaining which of the now thousands of so called qualified practitioners practicing in the delusion of spiritual awakening that YOU should invest your hard earned $ and time to listen to. The short answer without judgment is most are mirroring each other because many don't understand the practical application of what it is that they are instructing you to practice. Uranus is calling these try hards and wanna be's out and exposing them for exactly who they humble and so wonderful. To be frank none of this beats self realization that YOU just need to slow down and allow the Universe to well up underneath your cork and move you across the expanse of the multiverse that shifts and changes each new day of rebirth.

The discussion then turns to just how many of us are defining our perception of our current reality through a rather Narrowcast lens. So as we prepare for the Holiday season try to move from a more Narrowcast outlook to a more broad spectrum outlook and this means to stop and catch yourself as you roll out the same conscious thoughts each day to action a very predictable and recycled outcome...this when defined in our every day serves no purpose at all and ceases any and all conscious growth. Too many kids on the play ground running about willy nilly without a clue as to what it is their doing and what it is that they are hoping to achieve. Ding....wrong....more delusion! Hard words and hard action through the reflective lens of compassionate strength has more impact on humanity than the same old, same old...going nowhere fast emotionally charged Shite.... Trust surpasses the delusion of love and with discernment you will get to experience this for yourself right now.


Riki You Tube Channel

With the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aries there is so much fire in the sky right now so the message is to just burn baby burn all that we know in our hearts no longer serves the new language of our self expression, which is why for so many it's quite hard to breathe right now. But take a breath and look around and see for yourself just how illuminated your life has really become even if you can't feel the experience playing out in the NOW. Colors are more vivid, communication is clearer, clarity of our thinking is more apparent and for many we feel more balanced and aligned than we have for a very long time. So why is this?

Today December 8th, 2019 Q4 Comet Borisov is at it's closest transit to earth and is being touted as an interstellar Comet that has originated outside of our solar system. The details are better represented here at the NASA website: This energy is collapsing the obsolete patterns of separation and duality by increasing the percentage of Gamma and Beta light in the photon belt around the earth. In transfiguring divine love this heightened light body will activate yet another round of new solar light codes that will further awaken our species and broaden our re connection to the divine love in all.

So Last night at midnight PST the three Amigo's, Ricki Buckingham (Spain), Cory Caplan (USA) and Mike Puskas (Aust) came together to discuss the powerful transformation this energy is bringing and how many of us are now very much expressing the new Meta (form) language that better represents just how self aware we have all become when looking back through the the mirror of our lives. We discuss the importance of working more closely in alignment to our planets harmonic resonance and that Gaia is humble to support and develop our re connection to what it we are attaching to and why we are attaching to it without being fueled by false flags and triggers of the emotional body. While emotional output is still important to the choice point we make to be empathic to others situation it does not mean to feel obligated to take on and wear the mask of the third party drama. By recognising this we transmute Karmic patterns that have yet to manifest and show up in our lives from future event streams. The solar codes downloaded to the genetic template continue to evolve the Trans-human agenda for which we are consciously assigning a different type of responsibility to. The conversation is alive and tuned in to the greater good of all so worthy of further attention and deeper discussion. This one we welcome our listeners don't be self conscious or shy when speaking your truth!



So it's all Scorpio and Capricorn energy with Mars in it's most exalted state so step up to the plate and see just how much you've achieved in one of the most turbulent years in human history. 2019 has had us re-evaluating who we are, what's important, why we show up. what we are attaching to and releasing all that no longer serves our highest and greatest good...and the work will continue in earnest right up until eclipse season ends on December 25th (Christmas day for the Northern Hemisphere) This is no coincidence as it signals the death of the old world paradigm at a time when we have been conditioned through religious doctrine to believe is the birth of Christ. But this is no ordinary celebration and for many Alchemists and Astrologers around the world it signals so much more. But this insight is not about creating more confusion but rather clarifying the lens that heralds the arrival of 2020 a few short days thereafter.

For many of you the hard work is in it's completion stage and it's not about starting something new or bringing the ingredients of a new energy stew together at all. But rather to celebrate what it is that we have achieved in the collectrive as we enter into Sagittarius season with the powerful Capricorn transit and the moon in Taurus while Chiron squares Aries. This is recognising the many achievements driven by our emotional reactionary state to arrive on the other side of the Prism that is loves light and liberation in all things. So I speak about consolidation and solidifying all these higher octave expressions that we have been through and now need to acknowledge its completion. For me the pay off has been so much more as I'll now explain.

A few days ago now I began to embody the physical manifestation of my Doppelganger or in the language used before, my darker shadow self in a relationship with a large blow-fly that I have affectionately called, Louie. Louie the fly was angrily hit with a few of his friends with the power of my hypoallergenic fly spray but survived the ordeal and has since decided to stay. I am mindful and sensitive to his presence in my space and we have become a mirror of each others newly transformed self. So within a complete re-imaging of my connection to nature I have acknowledged my relationship with a blow-fly. This is how mother universe has demonstrated energetically through the challenges of the last three months what it means to clarify our perception of things by no longer interpreting the same language of the past into our physicality today. This is the powerful uncertainty within the construct of perceived certainty that Capricorn energy brings. Although I open the window every day to beckon my friend to rejoin his tribe after regaining his strength he chooses not to...he is happily adapting to his new world and that is exactly what we need to do also. Let's acknowledge and humbly recognise the gift of how happy we are in the plainer reality without distorted attachments to living in the new world. Bliss and beauty is all around...just cleanse the lens to see it radiate in all its illumination for you..and you alone.


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With the Sun in Sagittarius, and Mars, the Sun, and the Sth Node all trining together while the Moon comes into Aquarius and squares to Uranus while also connecting to Chiron. This is all about expanding your emotional state while recognising the Karma that's playing out in your third party interactions and your relationships. The mirror reflecting back through this energy is dealing with one's insecurities and how clouded and somewhat lost in our translation we are which blocks us from growing into the higher octave of light that we all are.

Venus conjunction to the Sth Node on its way to connecting with Jupiter as it leaves Sagittarius to arrive in Capricorn signals in classic Matrix style which pill your going to choose the red pill or the blue pill? both have their own deceptions but one is particularly aligned to Capricorn and this is the energy whats currently holding you back and keeping you very much consciously trapped in the delusion that is the blue pill. From an astrological perspective, Neptune direct is signalling that most of us are blocking our true destiny due to insecurities reflected in distorted emotions which manifest as emotional traumas. Our insecurities which are fueled by distorted emotional expression is wrapped up in our inability to let go of the false safety and security that we believe we need in order to sustain our lives. Yet it's that feeling of safety that is our greatest challenge and to emerge on the other side of the traumatic experience of our everyday is to recognise that this no longer serves us in any way shape or form. Intensify this with consciously arriving at the 8 destiny point in Asteroid Juno which is also deceptively being reflected in both Libra (Air) and the same 8 destiny point in Aries (fire) which is opposing to Mars. Be careful this week with the walls you build around yourself to protect yourself from the illusory walls of third party interactions....the air you bring will fuel the fire that will burn your delusion down around you.



So we come to the end of the "My Doppelganger" series and this final episode which includes my energetic conclusion to the whole personal experience is illuminating at the highest octave of human experience. The main thing to note is the way our own relationship with our darker shadow self becomes more engaging and more dynamic as each new dream is revealed. Now it's not accurate to state that the integration between the toned down self (that is the individuated aspect of beingness aligning with the higher octaves of the universe) and the Doppelganger is manifesting in the waking hors of the illusory plainer reality, but rather more so during the dreaming at night when the space suit in it's most detached state is experiencing the truthful and authentic reality which is what counts the most. You wake with a certain heightened and sensitive perception of your new waking experience. Best of all when you then attach the gratitude principle to the acknowledgment of that you get an even more sensitive and blissful experience....why? Because suddenly your subconscious triggers make sense of all that your going through in any given moment.

Not to be confused by a walk in or shapeshifting manifestation of someone elses Doppelganger where it becomes very difficult to discern through the given filter of experience playing out who is attaching to who to feed off the host, and who is attaching to what to gain the nourishment from the parasite that continues to diminish one's capacity to fight the integration of one form of energy to another. At the end of the day just as in the Lynchian Meta universe it's all about "Electricity" and the charged particles we collapse in an effort to understand their impact in our everyday lives.

From next week we will deal more with the compressive energy's that are intensifying more and more every day right up until the clock signals the end of 2019 and the kick start siren of 2020. For those interested and or attracted to the Lynchian Metaverse my new Twin Peaks "what lies beneath" Podcast is now in full swing and easily joined at the link below.

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