Back on the 23rd of September during the day of the Spring Equinox self received a encoded message that was more Meta based than a real sense of the reality of the moment. The message clearly stated that to truly recognise the intrinsic goodness all aspects of existence we need to integrate the darkest part of our selbes to fuse an electrical charge that kick starts the emerge4nce of the tuned in version of one's higher self. I remember the energy in the bush was very dense and rather heavy meaning that the challenge posed by this Equinox was to experience the dichotomy of what once was and what shall be if one allows the integration of this light and shadow fusion to take place. My Doppelganger was very resonant and available for deeper discussion during that day. I learned that the more light I invited in through the gratitude expression principle to activate the light body to experience the higher octaves of balanced frequency's the more my shadow self would succumb to a level of Q&A and interrogation. This was rather telling and although the audio is rather cryptic and certainly Meta based in many aspects there is a clear underlying theme of deeper self discovery taking place within my being and in particular evident during my dreaming or what we call the human sleep cycle.

To discover the delusion during this time that our grounding to the I am principle is rather outdated and rather convoluted when self expression should be based and founded in the "We Are" principle....the inter-connectivity to all things. The mirror of our existence filters the language and definition we attach to our self expression. To be humble and grateful to acknowledge one's growth in the expressive language of unity allows us to disassociate from the delusion collapsing our perception of what we believe our role to be and to detach from the forms metaphorical expression to arrive at a true reflection of our higher selves. This is the fuel of pure bliss and greater happiness. We are all capable of committing to this process and experiencing this euphoric feeling for ourselves.





On the eve of the full moon in Taurus and the cusp of a new lightbody integrated solar light portal for 11.11, we collapse yet another timeline and move that little closer to birthing our new individual reality within a collective conscious space. After an initial introduction to a new Twin Peaks mythology feature episode I am pleased to introduce a highly eclectic mind in the form of a new compadre in the US by the name of Cory Caplan who's deeper understanding of Quantum mechanics and it's metaphorical reflection in the human condition today will entertain and enlighten you to an even more auspicious paradigm existing and playing out right under our noses in the now. Cory's you tube channel "Space Cadet" delves into deeper esoteric discussions in relation to the Lynch approach and the light and dark mythology behind the TV Series, "Twin Peaks". Together we use the experiential landscape of the show to demonstrate various meta forms of parallel universes and Quantum mechanical output to help listeners understand the deeper recesses of the sub conscious realms we visit every day. In this first of many episodes we look into how every event stream, scenario and circumstance in our lives can be attributed energetically to the moment by collapsing the particle wave duality theory to the point of solidifying form in a conscious observation by self to manifest our plainer reality. We talk spiritual manipulation, Geo politics, vertical integration platforms of understanding, liberated light interaction and more of the shadow work that each of us still needs to do.

On the basis of these new insights and discussions a number of players in the team will be releasing an additional Podcast episode each week referencing metaphoric reflections, character breakdowns, alternate reality's and the on screen interplay in the episodes of Twin Peaks - The Return. We will be co creating with a number of established Twin Peaks Podcasters and also hope to talk to some of the character actors in the show as the series develops.



So the sun is in Scorpio and the moon is in Aquarius while creating a T square with Uranus in Taurus still retrograde. This is a highly flammable conflict style of energy that has us feeling as if we can't get our mental viewpoint across to others. Looking back to just before the Equinox in September it is a well placed mirror to presenting the mythology behind the embodiment of what we call "Evil" as a metaphorical reflection of ourselves in the world. The Utukku / Uddug is a Sumerian shadow being (shape shifter) that was later represented for the male counterpart as Ba al (Beelzebub) and Jowday for the female counterpart or "Judy" as she is known today in Lynchesque mythology. The Doppelganger that arises predominantly from our attachment to the Judy incarnation presents a particle wave duality that we can either solidify into form and make it real as we collapse the particle and observe it in our reality, or keep the ideal (thought form without attachment) lucid and malleable, represented by the infinite possibility of the wave function.

When we consciously collapse either of these elemental energy's we can manifest it as a 3rd density entity that can trap fear and trauma in our being which can remain blocked and trapped in our Chakra energy grid. Many of us carry this embodiment of metaphorical fear and it's reflection in our sub conscious to a point where the ability to control it's expansion into our reality becomes the greatest challenge of all. I speak in detail about this and the concept of naturally repressing this neutral charge of electricity that drove me to a deeper need to do shadow work and to openly engage with My Doppleganger during dreaming and waking life. Numerology like 11.11 and the 333 is a part of breaking down our perception of what has habituated our core essence into a negative flow of electrical charge fueled by the emotional body and our inherent need to always define ourselves to understand our reality. This newly shaped lens outside of time space reflects our waking from the Amnesia to discover the synchronicity and synergy of all manner of probability and possibility available to both aspects of self as we become more illuminated and open hearted to receive rather than be gifting all the time.


With four planets in Scorpio and on the eve of the new moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus, many will witness a 7th House revelation of sorts with regard to their relationships. So what came in thick and fast from the universe as a course was an energetic integration in my cellular memory I'm calling, "The Blackout" So while it still fits very much within the context of the "My Doppelganger" series it has a bigger impact on what a lot of society call The Ascension. I don't.... I call it the integration and its about recognizing the change of current in the electricity manifesting the light and the dark in the collective conscious. So I'm urging people to have a conversation with your cells as to what to do next because they are ready to integrate this new code of information for the future. The Blackout is the space between space, represented in the physical by the space between two worlds and experienced as a fusion of an electrical current between the light and the dark. With the integration of the new solar light codes into our DNA stream we are illuminating self by drawing more of this light into our Beingeness. This defined intention to clarify and purify our cellular memory from the conditioned and programmed behavior of our past is attacking the darker recesses of our sub conscious and chasing out the darkness which cannot hide in the vessel anymore as there is just too much illumination at play. Polar opposites of the electrical spectrum meet at a neutral position in the human psyche to fold over and collapse what we think we know. So the thoughts that we choose to manifest form to create our sense of experience is no longer attached to any element existing or reflected in the external. The space suit fills with this non existent electricity to become buoyant, light and devoid of attaching to 3D drama. In short the Blackout creates a void in which consciousness sits in a neutral state and attaches to nothing but....more and more light. Welcome one and all to the new YOU.....




Breathe freely and the new Stargate will open effortlessly for us all. The lesson in what science calls particle wave duality is part of a unified field of multiple reality's experienced without force or pressure. You cannot force the deeper integration of this new higher octave of YOU to implement and manifest itself in your recently rebirthed cellular memory. You can't force real change but you can set the intention by expressing your worthiness to receive the gifts that the universe looks to bestow on you right now. The Doppelgangers transmission frequency is much louder now and it's resonance generates an ethereal wave of possibilities that you cannot ignore or turn away from. It's asking you over and over again....who is your Tribe, what are you connecting to and are you energetically working with others that share that same desire and common connection to the same things? 

We feel like a dissociated dreamer in an imaginary world where the past dictates the future. But what if the future influences the present? Particle wave duality. Passively observing atoms changes the perception of their behavior in the plainer reality of the viewer.

On the eve of the highly flammable full moon in Aries we are asked to draw forward our warrior energy and the power of authenticity. In the last week the illusory construct of self has been through so much transformation that the vessel itself is rather weary and somewhat energetically depleted from battle. What has been learned for those operating from a higher octave of defined perception is that everything in the universe has a right to exist and that includes our dark shadow self and all the misconceptions that we have drawn around it's role in our lives. Our Doppelganger wants to learn, wants to expand and express itself in the now outside of the conditionality we sub consciously impose on it to keep us separated from the truth. How do YOU know that you weren't a serial killer, a dictator or a pedophile etc in a previous incarnation of existence here on Gaia.

With the new moon in Libra came the heralding messenger of Saturn going direct and setting the new scope of energy for all to feel in to. In the last few days Pluto has finally gone direct also and in one word the liberation this planet of darker secrets brought to the surface is now out in the open and revealed for all to see. Part 2 of My Doppelganger deals with the illusion of our plainer reality by addressing the higher octave of integration in our lives. How does the darkness know it's dark if there is no light and how does the light know that it is light if there is no darkness? To understand the dichotomy of the separation that never existed in the first place is to know in our hearts and our limited level of expression that we all live inside a dream. The integration of the dreaming with the higher octave of consciousness in the NOW is to find bliss and satisfaction in every moment.


A very special day today the 29th day of the ninth month of Sept in the year 2019. The three 9's signal the death of the old and the birth of the new. Or is that a perception based in our understanding of the old paradigm that no longer resonates in the new wave of illumination and solar light activation. Has the delusion and the veil of Amnesia come full circle and have we arrived to find that it's timely indeed to put all that we have learned under the lens of creation and face our dark shadow self for the first time? For those in the know the 29/9/19 signals with the new Supermoon in Libra ruled by Venus that nothing will ever be the same don't try hanging on or thinking you can still fix something because at it's illusory point of manifestation it never existed in the first place. This ten part series of insights into acknowledging the core essence of our Doppelganger will shatter the myth of dark vs light and perhaps have you rethinking spirituality as you once you knew it all over again. In part 1 I set the stage for arriving at the conclusion that the journey thus far has been nothing more that navigating a self perpetuating circular matrix. Within it's delusion there is no beginning or end, no death, no birth, no fight or flight and no need to ever feel threatened, under fire or forced to live in a survival only mode. Oh and one thing more...our environment helps to shape our thoughts which manifest into form and then express itself within the self perpetuating experience of the 3D.


Here we go full circle after the Spring Equinox and the full moon in Pisces we arrive at a highly emotive new beginning that is full of self fulfillment and confidence. The lens of Authenticity presents itself more clearly and we all feel so much more tuned in to our higher and divine purpose. Yet...the unsettling power of father Saturn has made it quite clear while both Venus and Mars continue to occupy top spots on the Sth and Nth Nodes which is reflective, Karma aligned to release and surrender and yes you guessed's time to face and acknowledge the dweller on the threshold, your own shadow self. So this for many listening will be the END of our interaction and it's been fun! For others it will be the beginning of a whole new journey into the dark side as I now go deep and unabashedly into the defined order and disorder of my Doppelganger and it's leading role in this new chapter of beginnings and self actualization. I can only hope that many of you stay....

On the other side of the full moon in Pisces we find ourself in a state of integration where our new identity no longer attaches to situations, people and habitual patterns that have kept most of us locked in a lower vibration for most of this cycle of the Kali Yuga. Most of us felt the whimsical and somewhat Etheric flow of the divine in all as so many grounded planets like Mercury, Mars, Venus and the Sun in Virgo and these reflected our true intention in Taurus which is grounded earth. For many our lives took on meaning and purpose and had a galvanised plan of action gracefully manifesting around them. The additional implementation of this energy has activated the new 12 crystalline strands of DNA which gives us the ability to surrender and release in trust to allow the worthiness of self love into our unified energy field. For self the image of a cork floating above a crystal clear lake of purity on some days and a turbulent and unstable ocean on others revealed a bigger gift that helps release to become a deeper form of liberation and loving light. If we are accepting and unashamed of who we are, flaws and all then the universe can well up under our cork and give us the free self expression to be exactly who we are. The powerful solar return of father Saturn on Wednesday brings us release in a greater return to defined order, which is what our species needs to structure our daily lives. Saturn will bring balance and return us all to the river of divine ease and grace and for that it's time to look in the mirror take a well deserved bow and collect your Gold Star for a job well done.

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